Guapcoin is the #1 currency solution for the African Diaspora


Scalable & Secure

Commerce-enabled currency that is lightning fast, scalable, and ready for external blockchain markets and trading platforms.

Ecosystem Friendly

Guapcoin is ready to fit into a variety of ecosystems and community models as a digital payment option.

Governance Ready

Built in governance that allows the submission of proposals and voting utilizing the blockchain for transparency.


Earn $GUAP by staking ( saving ) or by owning a Masternode


Guapcoin opens commerce across global boundaries by allowing all transactional data to be transparent and immutable.


Get a Guapcoin wallet and be your own bank.

This collection is specially for GUAP members only and purchases should be made in Guapcoin. If you make a payment with any other currencies (including cryptocurrency) your transaction will be CANCELLED.