UGANDA FOREVER- Creating a Brighter Future


On October 23, 2016 our organization (Skytopian Umbrella Inc.) partnered with Oxford Modern Primary School in Biguli, a rural area of Uganda. The purpose of this alliance is to expand sustainable development, enhance education through technology, and provide opportunities for volunteers to visit the school.


Oxford Modern Primary School was started by Mr Aggrey Natuhamya in 2003 who still the Proprietor. The school started with three classes, (primary 1-3) during this time the educational standards in the district had begun retarding that Mr Aggrey Natuhamya decided to start the school. Parents used to take their children to the neighbouring districts in search for better educational services.

The private school is registered with the government of Uganda and serving a catchment area of over one million (1M) people scattered in the four districts of Kamwenge, Kyegegwa, Kyenjojo and Ibamda. Oxford Modern Primary School, Biguli, helps the poor and needy orphan (including refugees) students to attain standard primary education. The school is requesting assistance to construct a three classroom and administration block worth $100,000. (341,050,000 Ugandan Shillings)

Oxford Modern Primary School has ten classrooms; five in permanent materials but not complete, and five in temporary materials, the school is constructed of six latrine blocks; three blocks with seven stances for the girls; two blocks with ten stances for boys, and one block with four stances for the staff. In addition, the four dormitory blocks for boys and girls accommodate approximately 390 students. 

Parents within the region where the school is located can barely pay school fees reliably to support the quick development of the school. Moreover, the school requires a three block to accommodate a large student enrolment and administrative offices, this challenge has been hindering the smooth learning in classrooms.

The Need

Uganda has one of the largest populations of young people in the world with over 56 percent of its 37 million people under the age of 18, and more than 52 percent under age 15. Children are also the single largest demographic group living in poverty in Uganda. According to independent groups, local government officials, and police officers from the Child and Family Protection Unit (CFPU), the number of Ugandan children living on the streets is increasing, though the total number is not known.

Children living on the streets in the capital, Kampala, and throughout Uganda’s urban centers face violence and discrimination by police, local government officials, their peers, and the communities in which they work and live. Some left home because of domestic abuse, neglect, and poverty, only to suffer brutality and exploitation by older children and homeless adults on the streets. They often lack access to clean water, food, medical attention, shelter, and education.

Students in Uganda have limited funding to pay for tuition, clothing, and educational materials. Families are unable to financially support student tuition which leaves many students without proper education. Our project will ensure that students receive quality education that is accessible and available in rural areas of Uganda. Students in many countries in Africa pay fees to attend school. Even if school is “free,” students must have uniforms and supplies that they often cannot afford. Most "higher standard" schools in East Africa are boarding schools, requiring students to live away from home and pay fees for their living expenses and tuition. 

Our Goal

SkyLyfe Inc. created a holistic educational program for at-risk students in Uganda. Our goal is to develop a sustainable approach that provides free education, materials, and clothing to impoverished students in Uganda. 

In Uganda, the average income is $1.20 per day ($440 annually). Primary schools in Uganda can cost $50-$780 annually, dependent upon the quality of the education. As a result, more than 15 percent of school-aged children do not attend; those who do desperately need educational materials.

-Pay the tuition of 100 students in the district of Kamwenge by 2022.

-Provide uniforms to 100 needy and poor students by 2022.

-Provide educational material for 100 students by 2022.

Our Mission


Our mission is to provide educational funding, materials, and clothing to impoverished students in Uganda.

Our objective is sponsoring a Ugandan child you will help provide for him or her in the following ways:

  • Yearly education tuition
  • Education & Living Essentials 
  • School uniforms

Yearly sponsorships does something beyond the tangible needs of the children. A sponsor gives these vulnerable children a sense of belonging and self-worth. For them it is the knowledge that someone believes in them enough to support them financially throughout their education that truly transforms their lives. Yearly support of $100, you alongside one other sponsor can change the life of a child in need.